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Brunches Cafe serves up a mean all-day breakfast menu as well as gourmet sandwiches, waffles and freshly baked bread.

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Dying for a change in setting? Just make a reservation for affordable high-tea sets. Vintage furniture collections are available around the cafe and you can even purchase those with a price tag attached to it. The highlight of the cafe however, is the vintage mini cooper repurposed as a 4-seater sofa set.

You know you love a curry puff from Old Chang Kee, which recently opened a flagship outlet at its original location where it all began 60 years ago. Nestled along Mackenzie Road, the Old Chang Kee Cafe can be easily spotted from afar, thanks to a giant curry puff planted right outside the store. Reminisce about the glory days with star dishes like Flower Bread served with a choice of lip-smacking chicken curry, chicken stew or beef stew, local delights like Nasi Lemak and Burbur Cha Cha and of course, some fluffy curry puffs.

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Serving up a slew of Asian and Western vegan dishes, Genesis Vegan Restaurant could convert even the biggest meat eaters. The menu is packed with North and South Indian and Chinese cuisine dishes — plenty to choose from for fussy eaters. Try the biryani meals, tandoori platter, masala chicken, prawn masala and fish head curry and cool down from all the spices with a refreshing glass of lime juice.

With its hearty lunch buffet and enticing happy hour deals, Apolo Bistro is definitely a must-visit for the ravenous. We like to have it for breakfast. As its name suggests, Anjappar is probably synonymous with Chettinad cuisine a region of the Tamil Nadu state in India. Never had Chettinad cuisine? Brace yourself for a multitude of spices and special Chettinad masala. Must-try dishes include mutton sukka varuval a dry and spicy mutton dish , tawa fish fry fried fish marinated with special spices and sura puttu shredded shark meat with eggs and veggies.

Finish your meal with a glass of teh tarik frothy hot milk tea from any of the drink stalls!

Tekka Centre, Buffalo Road, Singapore Feeling a little er… peckish pun intended? Want vegetarian dishes that are a little out of the ordinary? The menu also offers items suitable for vegans, Buddhists and Jains. Tuck into hearty mains like the salted egg mud crab and soft-shell crab linguine, or the perennial favourite, duck lemak and chilli padi linguine.

Take a walk around this bustling shopping destination to pick up souvenirs such as beautiful silk saris, handicrafts, and dazzling jewellery. Looking for a saree to suit any occasion? Ask any local and all fingers will point to Haniffa Textiles.

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Haniffa Textiles , 60 Serangoon Road, Singapore Slip into chic with a range of modern silhouettes like embroidered sarees, sequin sarees and block print sarees to classics or opt for traditional pieces like mangalagiri cotton sarees and kanchipuram sarees. Follow their Instagram page for fun and cheeky IG stories and stunning photo sets like the one pictured above. Think shopping in Little India and one name springs to mind: Mustafa Centre. This hour shopping behemoth sells just about anything.

From affordable electronics to delicious Indian food, this is paradise for bargain-hunters and hardened shopaholics. The Great Madras is a breath of fresh air with picturesque frames taken right out of a scene from The Grand Budapest Hotel. The rooms range from a hostel-style co-living space with king sized beds to a cosy suite with a circular bathtub.

The leading 5-star urban hotel gives major resort vibes with a — believe it or not — a fully operational farm and an award-winning collection of over pieces of original contemporary abstract art. Rooms and lofts are equipped with organic Australian-owned Appelles amenities. Make a splash at the outdoor pool on the rooftop terrace and end your night with a gastronomical encounter at the Blue Jasmine restaurant.

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Hostels may get a bad rep for being dodgy fleapits — too many bad memories from our backpacking days — but oh no, not this one. Three words: Parisian swank factor. This practice involves the use of trained parrots that help the fortune-teller by choosing a Tarot card in order to predict the future of their customers, especially that future related to love, marriage, work and clients. The fortune- teller usually keeps one or two parrots in a cage and frees them when a customer requires their service. The parrots are trained to pick a card, give it to its owner and go back to the cage.

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The astrologer would then read this card to the customer. The training of these animals implies animal abuse, not only to these parrots in particular but also for the rest of birds used in similar shows, since they are trained using violence. This kind of practice used to be very common in India in places like beaches, parks at sunset or even by the roads.

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