Cancer tarot january 8 2020

Expect to feel some exciting energy as it connects with the Sun and Venus, sparking joy, friendship, and positivity in your life. Your focus is on relationships today, thanks to the Moon in lovely Air sign Libra. You planetary ruler Mars makes a powerful connection with Pluto this afternoon, finding you making some deep transformations, especially professionally. Your planetary ruler Venus is busy today, so you are, too! The Moon is in fellow Air sign Libra today, lighting up a fun, flirtatious, and creative sector of your chart.

Transformation is in the air.


The Moon is in charming Air sign Libra today, bringing news your way. Your planetary ruler the Sun is also busy, connecting with lucky planet Jupiter and helping you make some powerful moves at work. The Moon, in Libra, is lighting up the financial sector of your chart, finding you reflecting on cash and self-worth. Aries may receive an unusual offer. Listen to their idea and do not rush to answer. It is essential to think in detail about what your participation in this project will be.

Today, it is not recommended to speed up the small things. For example, when you go shopping, buy what is on the list no more, no less.

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The evening will be likely to be positive, talking about the good news from loved ones. Taurus on this day should search for a new style. It is essential that you emphasize your natural charm and skillfully conceal flaws. There is a chance that you will meet someone who perfectly understands your desires they may become a close friend or partner in a relationship. Toward the close of the day, expect some minor inconveniences for example, because of the weather, unsuccessful manicure, or minor breakdown.

Many Gemini will decide to start reforming their own lives. It is likely that this process will bring good results, but only in the vital areas that need modernization. Do not experiment with your family relationships. Respect your family, do not allow them to harbor a grudge against you, and carefully communicate with your older relatives.

Cancers should not be engaged in affairs implying high energy costs.

Mercury Retrograde

It is not safe so soon after a new working year the risk of not being in the best physical shape increases. It is recommended to spend this Tuesday at a moderate pace, enjoying all that is happening around you. Learn how to find happiness in the little things, and much will change for the better.

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Enjoyable events are possible in friendship or love relationships. For some Leos, this day can be a test of strength. There is a risk that even early in the morning, an old affliction will reappear, there will be a falling-out with someone at home, or the weather will spoil the mood. The second half of the day promises to compensate for all the earlier unpleasant experiences. The probability of surprises increases, not from close friends, but from strangers or people who sympathize with you.

For the Virgo on January 8, you can experiment with your partner or love interest. Perhaps the person to whom you have entrusted your heart will not pass this test, or the test results will open your eyes to more important things. In the afternoon, there is a chance to receive news related to your profession, business, or career. Those who dream of a good job should spend today finding decent jobs there is a chance of increased luck.

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Most Libras will decide to spend today cleaning house. There is a possibility that cleaning will take more time and energy than you initially thought. Take care of yourself and your body. It will be fine if the afternoon is taken up. Relax and do some of your favorite leisure activities: read, chat, look through your friends' New Year's photos, and make plans about what will be for your future. Scorpios should be careful with people who have power.

There may be a conflict with a traffic police representative, a security guard of some establishment, or with law enforcement officers. This prediction is easy to prevent if you communicate smoothly with all people and do not overreact when faced with rudeness. In the evening, there is an increased chance of personal success. Advice for singles - analyze your old circle of friends. Your motto should be easy come-make the most of it. A retrograde Venus period at the end of the year can bring an old mission or goal back into play.

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  6. It could prove to be financial successful so make sure you check everything out when it appears. As mentioned in the romantic outlook Jupiter spends much of the year adding its charm to intimate unions and important connections. Other people see you in a favorable light and you can find yourself surrounded by potential supporters at every turn.

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    It is a wonderful year to change the nature of a partnership and to bring more generosity or more goodwill into it. Love and romance are not the only type of relationships highlighted by this Jupiter transit…as it also touches on business relationships and the like.

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    With Uranus continuing to do its light flashing enlightenment thing in the area of your chart that symbolizes personal resources and valuables that you have personally earned or created finances can be expected to continue as they have over the last several years. Never look a gift horse in the mouth during this Uranian event…make everything work for you by staying flexible, adaptable and open minded.

    Neptune also remains where it has been and is influencing the same area of your chart with Uranus…income, resources, finances. You tend to focus on reality at the cost of your dreams…Neptune has dominion over those dreams and it is important to add some of those elusive heart centered things to your more grounded, more reality based agendas.