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Ruth A. Dow Balliett combined Pythagoras' work with Biblical reference. Other 'numerologists' including Florence Campbell , [10] Lynn Buess , Mark Gruner , Faith Javane and Dusty Bunker , Kathleen Roquemore expanded on the use of numerology for assessing personality or events. These different schools of numerology give various methods for using numerology.

Skeptics argue that numbers have no occult significance and cannot by themselves influence a person's life. Skeptics therefore regard numerology as a superstition and a pseudoscience that uses numbers to give the subject a veneer of scientific authority. At least two studies have investigated numerological claims, both producing negative results: one in the UK in , [11] and one in in Israel. The experiment in Israel involved a professional numerologist and participants, and was designed to examine the validity of a numerological diagnosis of learning disabilities, like dyslexia and ADHD, and autism.

The experiment was repeated twice and still produced negative results. There are various numerology systems which assign numerical value to the letters of an alphabet. Examples include the Abjad numerals in Arabic , the Hebrew numerals , Armenian numerals , and Greek numerals. The practice within Jewish tradition of assigning mystical meaning to words based on their numerical values, and on connections between words of equal value, is known as gematria.

There are various systems of numerology that use the Latin alphabet. This method can be referred to as either Western Numerology or Pythagorean Numerology. Pythagoras began his theory of numbers by discovering the numerical relationship between numbers and musical notes. He found that the vibrations in stringed instruments could be mathematically explained. This is the personality that they present to the outside world. Then, each letter is assigned to a number one to nine, based on the ancient Pythagorean system. The numbers are assigned to letters of the Latin alphabet as follows:.

Next, add together all of the numbers associated for each letter in your full birth name. Then, the number is reduced until you obtain a single number. A quicker way to arrive at a single-digit summation the digital root is simply to take the value modulo 9, substituting a 0 result with 9 itself. As mentioned before, the single digit then arrived at is assigned a particular significance according to the method used. When someone changes their name they will get a new name number. Next, the birth number is viewed as an extension of the name number.

It is believed that your birth number reveals your inner nature and life purpose. To find your birth number you add together all the numbers in the month, day, and year you were born. Then, you reduce that number to a single digit number. In the Pythagorean system, there are three master numbers 11, 22, 33 which do not get reduced to a single number. Hence, if your name number or birth number comes out to one of these master numbers, then you do not combine the numbers to form a single digit.

Finally, the single digit name number and birth number are assigned a particular meaning and significance based on the Pythagorean system. The Chaldeans were ancient people who ruled Babylonia from — BC. Therefore, this system is also known as the Babylonian numerology system. Chaldean numerology is used to recognize the energy changes that occur when you or someone else speaks or thinks. The sound of someone speaking comes out in vibrations of different frequencies that affect the speaker and those around them.

The Chaldean system uses the numbers The number 9 is not used in the system because it is regarded as sacred due to its connection to infinity. The Chaldean system uses this number system on the name that the individual is currently using because that is the energy that would currently be projected. Then, each letter is assigned to a number one to eight, based on the Chaldean numerology chart. The Chaldean system recognizes the same master numbers that were present in the Pythagorean system.

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These master numbers are 11, 22, and The master numbers do not get reduced to single digits. The middle name is the soul energy and it reveals the truth about your inner soul and the deepest parts of yourself. The middle name shows the hidden talents, desires, and what your soul is trying to reach for. The last name is related to the domestic influence of the family. He believed that everything consisted of numbers and that we could seek them out or have them shown to us by the universe.

Eventually these beliefs were condemned alongside astrology by the Christian church. Despite resistance, numerology continued within early civilizations. The Latin, Arabic, Indian, and Chinese alphabets all have numbers assigned to their characters as well. Within Traditional Chinese Medicine, the acupuncture system is based upon numbers. For example, they maintain that the 12 vessels of blood circulation connect to the 12 rivers flowing toward Central Kingdom.

Numerology also exists in Egyptian and Norse mythology and several religious texts.

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There are three main types of numerology: Kabbalah , Chaldean , and Pythagorean. Beliefs Behind the Digits Today, many practice numerology. Numerologists use numbers to decode individuals names, predict paths in people's lives based on their birthdays, and decode widespread numerical patterns. Supposedly, the universe always act with intention, including the numbers you see in your life.

This practice only uses numbers one through nine, 11, and So, in numerology, to find the significance of the number 23 you would add two and three together to get five. It is speculated that each number has a different vibration and surfaces for specific reasons. How to Find Your Numbers The most significant number in numerology is our birthday. This day supposedly showcases our entire destiny. People with life path numbers 11 and 22 some sources also claim 33 are considered to be master numbers in Numerology.

All master numbers hold the energy of higher frequency than the numbers derived from adding two numbers of the master life path number together. People with life path number 11 are considered to be the master teachers or enlighteners. They have higher vibrations and greater potential than people with life path numbers before The life goal for a person with a life path number 11 is to keep spiritual balance and find own place in the material world.

They need to keep their soul in a certain purity, evolve themselves, increase their level of spirituality and help others on their journey of spiritual self-discovery.

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Master numbers are often the spirits that volunteer to serve on the planet Earth. They choose to do so in order to share the experiences they have had in their previous embodiments. People with life path number 11 usually have a lot of spiritual knowledge and need to find ways and means of how to effectively get it across to others.

They need to find effective methods of communication with others while saving the truth about their knowledge and improving themselves. People with life path number 11 also have negative sides, just as all people with other life path numbers. They are often find it hard to live in the frequency of the master number eleven and tend to fall to the vibration of the life path number 2.

Master life path number 11 combines the qualities of the numerology number 1 idea oriented leadership and the qualities of the numerology number 2 diplomacy. People with life path number 11 have risk of falling too much into their ambitions and start abusing their power over people.

They may also fall into reducing their own importance and potentially fall into vanity. People with life path number 11 try to protect themselves from negative connections. If they are able to reach a certain level of awareness or awake their consciousness to higher frequencies, the field starts to protect them.

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They no longer have to interact with people who exist on the lower frequencies, unless they choose to. It could be very hard to find a partner who would correspond to the need of high vibrations of a person with life path number Energy of the life path 11 is very powerful and people with the life path 11 often work on the limit of their physical ability. If people with life path number 11 choose to take the negative side of their life path number, they could become a real monster.

However, if they choose a higher path, they can easily become world famous. People with life path number 22 or master number 22 can be characterized as masters of the form. They are often good in creating and constructing global scale projects. People with life path number 22 have great organization capabilities, are able to create great systems and programs. In their world of constructive creativity — everything is possible.

People with life path number 22 are actually more adaptable to our materials world than people with life path number While people with life path number 11 are still dreamers and idealists, people with life path number 22 are those who can actually materialize a dream. Life path 22 needs to develop the body to understand the unity of the mind, body and spirit. The energy of numerology 2 brings patience, diplomacy and support of others.

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People with life path number 22 have the potential to hard work and giving form to something while being charismatic, highly sensitive and doing their best to keep everything in harmony. Many people with master life path number life 11 and 22 fear the great potential of power that was given to them at birth and try to get rid of it and avoid fulfilling their mission which could have certain consequences. People with master numbers as their life path number should learn to discover themselves and how to control their power.

They should live according to higher standards even though they might go through many different challenges throughout their life.