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King, who died of cancer earlier this year, was reprimanded and fined for professional misconduct by the Law Society of Manitoba in However, the CJC inquiry continued, and hearings that were to have taken place last month were to look at three things, Sabourin wrote. The first was whether Douglas was candid about the Chapman situation when she applied to become a judge.

The second was whether she altered her personal diary regarding the situation.

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And the third was whether the presence of nude photographs of her on the Internet undermined confidence in her as a judge. A spokesman for the Supreme Court of Canada has declined to comment on her behalf.

Copyright owned or licensed by Toronto Star Newspapers Limited. All rights reserved. To order copies of Toronto Star articles, please go to: www. Subscribe Now. Get more of the Star in your inbox. Never miss the latest news from the Star. This is the poem that won. Thanks to Tin House for nominating it. I have a new monthly column at Elle called Beauty and Death, which lives in the intersection between eternal existential terror and ephemeral beauty rituals, and examines the relationship between the two.


The first one is about my pubes. It gets good in the second half wherein we explore having sex with food. Filed under Cult Fetish Published on October 24, In turn, we see our deepest selves reflected back.

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Holes thump through the pages, blankness crunches bone, zeros growl with hunger. Each line is a little heartbeat hurling down the abyss. Her poems eviscerate the reader with their misty and murky charm, with their ability to say what is and not what should be, for their love of life and the sensual, for their knowledge of what it is like to be a person right now. Last Sext is a master work, a text of brilliance written in a dusky field, for all of us.


And we must answer: for chrissakes, of course, yes. For the backstory—including details of my ideal cremation urn— check out this piece on Nylon. Also, I did a thing about music with NPR. Shouts out to Real Filed under Neuroses Published on February 4, For every track on the album, there is a poem. Simply, they are words that translate the feels I encountered in experiencing each track.

Words are all I have. As much as I am often scared of my feels in waking life, I love and embrace them in poetrylife.

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You might call the process audio ekphrasis. What this means is the collection has taken over the Rhizome. The collection will live permanently on NewHive , which is the tool I used to assemble the poems so that each text has the corresponding audio embedded. Coverage at Fact and Dazed. Weird Sister interviewed me about being a witch they thought they were interviewing me about being a feminist. Here is my interview. Will update when the piece is live March Like a Real Flame.

Lunar Shatters. Or hear me read them here. New poem involving snakes is poem of the day at the poetry foundation.

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New poems involving vomit at the volta. New poems involving vomit at powderkeg. Pitchfork interviewed me about a multimedia mixtape i curated. Hello giggles talks about my twitter.

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Laia Garcia interviewed me at Emily Books about anxiety, the problem of reality, teenhood…. Did an interview with Splitsider about existential tweeting. Wrote about buying into an endless Summer of youth I want it! Filed under Collaboratin' Published on June 17,