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Since Mars is a planet that encourages war games and competition and bursts of hard physical activity, there may be many Quidditch players born under these aspects. A Gryffindor Aries is an open book; a truth potion would never be needed on one, because they are hopelessly honest and open. These wizards will display uncanny charisma and leadership ability, and will be among the most popular within their class.

It kind of speaks for itself, really. I really loved the fact that it mentioned how they would likely be Quidditch players. D That was amusing.

Nobody mentioned anything about Voldemort who was born on December 31 being Capricorn, like Snape. As you can see, everything said about Snape could also be said about him: They might not be sexy traits, but they're very handy hahaha. Also, there are a lot of factors in a horoscope, not only Sun Deep self , Moon affective and Ascendant interaction with the world , but also Mercury intelligence , Venus love , Mars decission , Jupiter social , Saturn will , Uranus originality , Neptune spirituality and Pluto self-superation.

There is also the relation between planets conjunction, opposition, etc. Neville takes care of the snake. Harry takes an AK on the head and an accidental Horcrux is destroyed. Mr Weasley is a definite Aquarian to me. He's unconventional, inventive, tolerant, cause-oriented, playul, friendly, caring, open-minded, a little eccentric.

He'd rather do the job that he loves, than compromise his principles and make more money. I clapped my hands with delight when I found out my dear Arthur was a Aquarius!! He's the typical Aquarius really, always eager to please, doesn't see the point of doing things they don't enjoy, and he's a bit dippy and dreamy. JK hasn't mentioned Luna's birthdate, but apparently it's sometime in February, which could possibly match as being a Aquarius, too. Can't you see her as a dreamy Aquarius?

Because I sure can. Why do you think it is February? What evidence is there? I've always thought she would be a "June" baby as the moon rules the month of June and the name "Luna" has to do with the moon. I'm not sure whether this has been discussed before, but I couldn't find a topic.

So here I am.

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Please feel free to redirect me if there is one. I was thinking upon the starsigns of some of the characters, the main example is Harry being a leo. Who are said to be born leaders and brave, as some of the more typical values. Do you think that J.

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K used starsigns as a reference for some of her characters traits? I know it's impossible for some characters as we do not know their birth dates. But still, I think it would be interesting to discuss the traits of those we do know the starsigns of. And Speculate to the starsigns of those we do not. Here are some basic ones to start discussing: Rubeus Hagrid - December 6, Sagittarius I'd appreciate you adding some more if you know them, and speculating on others. I'm particular interested in Snapes and Sirius's but havn't been able to find a month, just a year.

PDA Astrology - How do the characters relate to their zodiac signs? She looks great but told me she was 30, but she thought I was too. I had to tell her I was 27 and about to turn I feel like I look and act 28 though. I can't speak for others But it's true for me Yes, in my teens and 20's, I was very serious and extremely focused.

I used to be concerned about every little detail, and in my teens, people always thought I was 2 or 3 years older than what I really was. Now I'm in my late 30's and everybody thinks I'm in my 20's, and the older I get, the more I just don't really give a fu: Lol' when I was a teen, I used to spend my weekends at the library, or in book stores reading, now I'm more into running the streets with my friends Something I probably should've been doing as a teen smh. The Capricorns I know have always been mistaken for an older age than what they really are.

From all the f. OMG, who lied to ya'll? I see no lies told here. When I was , people thought I was , I always thought it's because I'm tall Now I'm 26, people think I'm in highschool I don't get it And it's super weird, I seem to attract the pedos He's 40 though, with a 17 year old In figurative terms, yes.

When I was little, I was very much a loner and kept to myself because I didn't want to always engage in certain activity.

Daily Astrology Horscope: January 30 - Dream and Plan!

In highschool it was the same, I wasn't into alot of the things my peers were. I was always serious. As I got older and achieved more and got a more clear vision of where things were going for me, then I learned to kick back. Plus I look 10 years younger than my age Case in point Michelle Obama. I don't think she looks younger, necessarily, than she did back in the day but she seems perhaps more fun, calmer, young spirited than a lot of women her age.

In other words she seems "hip". She looked conservative and serious as hell in those yearbook pictures. I've always read that Capricorn children tend to be like mini adults in childhood. They are very responsible and about their business. In older age, after they've achieved status and their goals, they loosen up. They say you should never try to marry a Capricorn man before 30 because of this But eh, that could be said about most men. I never heard of this, but when I really look at all my capricorn friends. It is true, they have benjamin button syndrome internally. Most of them had to grow up fast, or took on major responsibilities at an early age.

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Like moving out on their own in their late teens, migrating from different countries early in life etc. Now that were all grown, all of em are in the club, doing promotional work, modelling or doing some miscellaneous stuff that I consider to be "younger" professions. One of the reasons for this popularity is the human need to come up with an understandable narrative of why things happen. We do not easily welcome randomness.

We always want to believe that there is always a reason, a pattern, a destination already set out there for each of us. When people are stressed, at a loss, or having other problems, they sometimes turn to soothsayers. All these pronouncements give explanations to where the person is right now. Another reason I can think of is that our human mind is not really capable of assessing too many choices.

I have discussed in previous articles the difficulty of calculating opportunity costs for our time and money. So when we are given some limitations because of our zodiac signs, birth year, etc. When it comes to spending our limited resources like time and money, what can we do considering that our human wiring always wants an understandable narrative explaining why things happen, loves the notion of destiny, and is incapable of assessing too many options?

Maybe setting our goals in accordance with our core values will be a better alternative. Share them with your family and the people who truly care about you. When we set our goals, we know where to focus our time, energy, money and other resources. We can now say no to the other options that do not agree with our core values.

May this year be your best ever. Cheers to high FQ!

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Health and Family. January 16, The Aquarius lunar vibes encourages mingling all day and into the night. Have an open house, share stories, and dance together. Light, inventive conversation has everyone reveling in the light of group acceptance. Act on those whims, even the unreasonable ones. Your social life requires you to know when to employ secrecy and when to be forthright.

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What bugs you about a romantic partner is really your own problem! You are on a mission, and you now what you want.

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  • Long-distance friends move closer. A newcomer appeals to you and would love to be invited anywhere by you. On important matters, ask for proofs. Never go by verbal leads. Get charged up about a challenge.

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    Singles meet new love potentials while shopping. Ask for a second chance in love, or to be reconsidered for an important job. Good advice leads you to a financial gain. Give friends and children something to look forward to. An overseas business meeting is very productive. LEO July Aug. The response you receive for both business and romantic proposals is wildly enthusiastic. It gives you insight on difficult issues. It will be easy enough to make money during your hot financial streak in June; but in July, investigate your options, ask questions, and research everything.

    Blessings come in disguise in March, so be open. Children will bring joy and enlightenment this spring. Your survival skills will be sharpened in April. Your lucky numbers are: 2, 5, 21, 50 and Read about what you need, then forget the rules and make your own educated path. A competitive friend who is always keeping score is a negative influence. Be Zen about your social schedule, just going wherever feels right.